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June 18, 2013 - I identified two feathers of the pink-tailed hawk in my backyard today.  A person was on the ground and the opposite, unusually, I managed to "see" as it absolutely was hanging inside the leaves of the tree inside a wooded space about 50 toes absent.  How or why I managed to view it in any way is odd. 

May possibly nine, 2015 - I had a nightmare past night (unusual for me).  I had been strolling along a freeway with a companion.  It absolutely was very foggy and/or smokey together the road and we could barely see 4 feet before us.  Even so, with the fog/smoke a awful scene emerged.  It was a huge pile-up of crashed autos - it's possible 10 - that experienced all slammed into each other while in the bad visibility.  The Weird detail is that everyone was lifeless.  There were hideously burned corpses littering the center on the highway together with continue to using tobacco and burning cars and trucks.  My companion panicked and didn't need to progress any even further since it was also frightening.  I grew to become momentarily mesmerized via the burned bodies and also the faceless smoking cigarettes mummy-like corpses, but snapped from it and run on.

In the main dream (May well sixteen), I dreamed an acquaintance, who advised me (to my fantastic shock) that I was his best friend, questioned me desperately to help you his spouse.  I agreed Though I didn't know the trouble.  When I noticed her, I knew she was 5 months pregnant.  I also knew instantly the infant was lifeless within her.  At the same time One more (unknown) female appeared.  I realized straight away she was just two months Expecting but that her newborn would Dwell.

Update August 31, 2013 - Concerning the prediction I built over regarding the new Pope, I wrote: "Goldsmith?"  I did not know very well what that intended. I received an e mail nowadays from the someone that prefers to remain nameless who recommended the subsequent interpretation, citing "The home of Rothschilds 1849-1999" by Niall Ferguson, pp. 79-eighty: "The goldsmiths referenced from the desire/prediction tend to be the Rothschilds who will be documented as possessing grow to be the Vatican's bankers Just about two hundreds of years ago."  Whilst I take into account this an interesting interpretation, I also found out a far more literal interpretation.  A single 7 days ago, August 23, Argentina's planet-well-known goldsmith, Juan Carlos Pallarols (who has designed merchandise for, amongst Other folks, President Clinton), despatched out invitations to 1,000's of Argentinians to come to his Buenos Aires workshop to aid him engrave a Particular silver chalice he has actually been earning for Pope Francis (previously Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) considering that March.

Up to date June 10, 2014 - Having withdrawn its soldiers from the Ukrainian border, Russia is currently pressuring Ukraine, by intense ongoing negotiations, to pay back billions of dollars owed to Russia for normal fuel piped to Ukraine just after Russia unilaterally hiked its gas charges by 81 percent.

  I wrote that by far the most perilous animal during the jungle isn't the strongest a person, relatively it is considered the most frightened just one.  A frightened animal will lash out with out regard to self-preservation. 

  But who?  I ran by means of some vague thoughts.  My previous Princeton classmate Sonia Sotomayor (she was in The category forward of me) can be also young to die I figured.  Very same with Samuel Alito, age sixty five, also a previous Princeton graduate whose residence in New Jersey I had as soon as frequented.  Then there was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age eighty two And maybe in poor health and fitness.  But I had distinctly "heard" the words and phrases "Ave Maria."  I reasoned Ginsburg was likely Jewish and so this prediction probably didn't utilize to her.  I concluded that Ave Maria ought to make reference to a Catholic choose due to the fact, In the end, is just not that whatever they sing at Catholic funerals?  So who then?  I had been far too exhausted to test to keep in mind each of the justices.  Aside from the entire strategy appeared very unbelievable.  It had been the useless of evening and I was terribly jet-lagged.  I did not think about Justice Scalia. 

  Even more, the main "pregnancy" was providing a lifeless child or "Loss of life" while in the fifth thirty day period.  The fifth thirty day period in the year is May.  The fatal airline crash occurred on May possibly 21.  Ok, this appears to get the job done with a certain volume of retrofitting, but How about the longer term? 

  This is able to make sense given that jhadi terrorists appear to have a choice for iconic landmarks and symbols of your Western routine they seek out to ruin.  The Eiffel Tower has by now been the scene of thwarted terrorist makes an attempt comparable to the earth Trade Heart.  Not shocking It could be tried all over again. The strategy useful for this sort of an assault is just not noticed as "conventional," nevertheless, and is particularly multi-directional.  

I am a psychic medium. Persons Call me for just a reading For lots of explanations. Some could choose to working experience a reading, and don't have preferences as as to whether it be psychic or mediumistic. Other people have unique lifetime troubles, and are trying to find useful assistance “psychically”.

com claims to are already advised by Chinese dissidents the explosions had been basically an assault on Tianjin for a warning from The usa Pentagon which allegedly deployed its "Rod of God" - a "Room centered top-mystery kinetic weapon that could be dropped from large orbit to strike Practically any land-based mostly concentrate on.  Based on the post, "BOMBSHELL: China and The us currently at war: Tianjin explosion performed by Pentagon Room weapon in retaliation for Yuan forex devaluation." Although this principle is tough to swallow, the posting points out the photo with the crater remaining through the blast - significantly the fracture sample encompassing the recently created crater lake - indicates a sub-floor burst as could be designed by a nuclear weapon or Place weapon.  It is just too early to understand the cause along with the Chinese are keeping mum on the subject.  But quickly it can make me consider my dream:  I used to be in President Roosevelt's museum.  Why?  Could it have some thing to complete with the fact that he was president throughout WWII, and died ideal before the initial atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?  My aspiration was moved to Manhattan.  Roosevelt oversaw the Manhattan Project that produced the primary nuclear bombs of WWII.  Is this Unusual coincidence or something additional correct?

June fourteen, 2017 -  About just one 12 months ago (July 19, 2016) I made a prediction concerning the next president of The usa, who I believed could well be Donald Trump, and mentioned that, in any celebration, I felt It might be imperative that you glimpse to the nature and character on the vice presidential choice for the reason that I used to be concerned that the presidency could end in both "assassination or possibly a catastrophic wellness function."  Though obviously neither of these two predictions has come to fruition as of the date, I uncover it fascinating that these mere concepts appear to have entered into our national Zeitgeist.  I've often informed men and women to watch out what you consider, since views are issues.  To put it differently, ideas are vibrational facts that have a real impact on our "true" entire world.  This is not woo-woo New Age fluff.  Browse the scientific research!  I never like to think about factors that are not constructive or constructive in character.  So I am a little hesitant to provide this up, having said that, it tends to verify an undercurrent of violent views amid our population which has to be examined.  On May possibly 30, comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a photograph of herself Keeping a faux severed and bloody head of President Trump.  She apologized but was promptly fired from CNN.  (See Washington Put up post).  A person 7 days later on, the news media reported that the general public Theatre in New York City was creating a Model of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" portraying the assassination of the Trump-like dictator using a gold bathtub and "pouty slavic wife.

  Appears like A part of a terrorist mobile that seems like relations or individuals dwelling collectively within a familial circumstance.  Also, be sure to see the April 18, 2016 prediction of Paul Chantrell for his amazing prediction concerning a terrorist assault on London Bridge.

  North Korean president Kim appears to possess a eager desire in reaping the riches of the peaceful romance together with his neighbor on the south.  Frankly, they do not need America at all to accomplish this sort of "economic" peace.  And with out a "war" who can claim a reputable must be guarded by One more nation?

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